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Mens Sexual Health Articles

Jul 12 '13

Why do men suffer from premature ejaculation and what can be done about it? Do male enhancement products really work for the penis?

Men who want a bigger penis havent even heard about hand exercises that are used to get people longer and thicker. This is because the guys who do know about it dont want to share their secrets of how to make your penis bigger. Thats why when it comes to the good of man a woman has to spill the secrets to keep men from falling for frauds and potentially dangerous methods.

Increasing the size of your penis can be a difficult process if you dont have the right information. While it is true that there is a plethora of enhancement solutions on the market knowing exactly what works can become a tad of a real challenge. Heres a simple truth - the bulk of the enhancement solutions will not add inches to your size.

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Do you feel insecure about the size of your penis? Well there is an easy way out of it! Learn how you can boost your penis size and add genuine length and girth to your manhood right here!

Most people nowadays are starting to lean more towards the natural approach to things in life such as weight loss building muscle regrowing hair and more. This is because people are now realizing that when you stick with natural methods not only will the results come more quicker they will also be PERMANENT. Guess what? The same logic applies in order to grow a larger penis. Read on to see what worked incredible for me to naturally get a bigger a manhood… in 2 months!

Penis length complex has now been overtaken by penis girth worries but why? Well its a simple case of the womans anatomy. Men are now eventually realizing that an enormous penis is about as useless as a fish with a bicycle. If a mans penis is 10 inches long the chances are if he has inadequate girth to accompany it…

There are a few tricks that men must follow to correctly measure penis size. This article will discuss how to correctly measure both a flaccid and erect penis including the width and length and how often you need to measure your penis length when flaccid and erect.

This article answers frequently asked questions about what are the best penis male enlargement techniques that will make your penis bigger quickly and permanently. I went from 5.5 inches to over 8 inches using specific natural techniques that you can easily duplicate to achieve the same results.

There is one big secret that you need to know if you are going to make your penis bigger. Knowing a little bit more information really could be the difference between failing completely and getting the manhood of your dreams! Men all around the world have been lied to and sold trash for far too long - it is now time to learn about a new way to add those inches. I gained 4 inches in 4 weeks by using natural enhancement and Im going to tell you how you could do the same…

At one point in time you may have wondered why some men are naturally magnetic and seem to be able to attract women relatively easily. Learning how to overcome stress fear and anxiety and how to make a good first impression will greatly improve your chances of attracting the opposite sex.

One of the reasons that so many men come to me for advice about penis male enlargement is because Ive been in the same situation myself. I know how it feels to be embarrassed about the size of your penis and I know what its like to try one so-called miracle solution after another like herbal pills or hanging weights off your penis only to end up disappointed and out of pocket.

Its one thing to wish you had a bigger penis and another altogether to make it happen. Even if you have tried a whole range of methods supposedly designed to enhance your size there is a good chance that you are just as small as ever. This was the case for me for years I tried everything but succeeded with nothing. But once I tried a natural method things finally turned around for me and after a short time I saw noticeable growth every day! I came away 4 inches bigger than I started and the whole process took just a few weeks. After such a hard slog before I discovered natural enhancement I couldnt believe that growth could be so simple and effortless. Read on and it could be for you too…

This article explains how you can quickly and easily enlarge an average or below average penis size.  I went from under six inches to over eight inches!  Also find out what women have to say in their own words regarding penis size.

The time it takes for a guy to enlarge his penis naturally with exercise varies significantly. Some men decide only to exercise their manhood for a few minutes a day a couple of times a week. While others engage in penile exercises for several hours a day. I would suggest the later is not the best way to make your penis bigger and can actually be extremely dangerous.There is a heck of amount of men out on the internet today searching for the term How to Increase Girth on Your Penis. Its clearly obvious what they are looking for. Its simply a resource where they can get reliable honest information online with regards to developing their own penis girth.Male enhancement products are aimed at increasing the size and girth of the penis as well as prolonging the duration of lovemaking. Do penis pills work? They apparently do if you read the reviews and testimonials from users. You have to be able to discern which ones are genuine and sift out the fake products. It is always advisable to choose products from reliable and reputed manufacturers even if they are slightly more expensive.

Many Online businesses are selling the so called natural penis male enlargement methods. But do they really work? Here are five important tips that will help you in making a good decision on purchasing the best penis male enlargement solution for yourself.

In this article we are going to tackle male enhancement pills and set the record straight on their practical applications for good and ill alike. With so much information out there regarding esoteric and unusual approaches to building a bigger penis I really cant think of one area more RIFE with bad information and the promoters who pump them up than penis male enlargement pills and the innumerable myths that they have bred. Not a day goes by that I dont either see or get asked a question on my own mens health magazine about these pills so continue reading as we shine the bright light of truth and honestly on this scurrilous and seamy business. Read on.

In this short article I am going to teach you how increasing the size f your penis by up to 4 inches is possible. I am not talking about tricks or gimmicks I am not talking about ineffective creams and pills the method I am going to teach you is called natural enlargement and it is so easy to use that the amazing results it can provide will blow your mind…

Are you struggling to enlarge your penis from home? Sick and tired of getting scammed ripped off and taken advantage of by high hype products that simply DONT perform as well as promised? You arent alone! After writing hundreds of articles and tens of thousands of words on Mens health and male enhancement specifically I can tell you first hand that the vast majority of the PE advice out there is bogus.

Learn How To Make a Penis Swell Up. Use these methods to add girth.

Any person that is concerned with the problem of enhancement of his penis size and performance will soon find out that the range of the offered medications methods and gadgets is quite wide. There is a whole list of possible approaches to the problem.

Up until a year ago I felt that I wasnt really in control of my own life. My wife had just left me I couldnt a decent job and my confidence was at rock bottom. Id never really had much luck with woman and I always believed that it was due to the fact that my manhood was well below average. At only 3 inches I really hated my size and I desperately wanted to change it. I think the final straw came when my ex-wife told me she had never been fully satisfied with me - that made me realise that things really needed to change.

If you want to increase your levels of sexual desire and pleasure and also last longer in bed you should take the best natural sex pills. These pills work for both sexes and not only can they help you enjoy great sex there also good for your all round levels of health.

If you are interested in enlarging your penis size you are probably aware that there are tens or even more various penis enlargement methods and approaches to increasing your penis size. Some of them are simply ineffective and not recommendable some of them are highly risky procedures that dont work some of them are too expensive for most men but there are still some of them that are effective and safe to use as they are clinically tested and financially affordable to most people.

Penis enlargement is one of the hottest topic among men and most of use would desire for a bigger and thicker penis. Having a huge member does not come easy it takes time and commitment to make it work. If you think that penis enlargement is not entirely possible then you might be wrong. Penis growth can be done through penis exercises.

Do you want a bigger penis? To be honest Ive have never known a man that has been satisfied with his penis size.

Theres a lot of skepticism around when it comes to penis enlargement and its not surprising. Crazy and outlandish claims are made on behalf of products that truly cant deliver things like pumps and creams pills and extenders. If the truth be told theres only one way of adding inches to the male genital in just weeks and thats to use a natural enlargement plan. Without the helping hand your body can lend you you wont get any improvement in your manhood but if you DO get your body working with you in just a month or so youll be looking at changes you can measure in inches. Heres how it works…In the world today Men are so obsessed with their sexual performance and the size of their penis. I dont blame them. The Size Of A Mans Penis Is very important.

Are you trying to make that penis of yours bigger? Are you so embarrassed by your small penis you are afraid to be intimate with women? This article may very well change your life! If you are considering penis male enlargement read this article before you make a terrible mistake! Check this out!

Are you looking to gain some size down there? Now you can actually make your penis bigger naturally by learning a secret if you read this article. This is a must read for anyone trying to get an extra boost in confidence by gaining penis size!

Erection dysfunction is a ailment thats impinging on countless men each year. Due to this fact men are having a tough time having fun in their sexual activities which is furthermore creating even more health issues.

To do anything properly in this world you need to prepare first. If you were an actor you wouldnt go on stage without preparing your lines and if you were have to do a business presentation you would certainly spend lots of time preparing it to make sure it is good. The same goes when you want to change a part of your body.

Who else wants to know how to grow their penis from home in double-quick time? If youre already reading this article I bet you do right? After all more than 80% of men are unhappy with their size and feel insecure in bed so there is nothing to be embarrassed about your small size. So let us take a closer look at how you can grow an exceptional manhood even if you are small undersized and embarrassed about it.

What is a normal penis size? There are tons of sites out there have this questioned answered so instead of searching for them on your own I have compiled all the data for you.

Pssst…do you want to know a sexy little secret? Do you know that having a steaming sex life doesnt have to involve acrobatic and or complicated acts? By just being imaginative a cell phone can also be a tool for awakening your carnal pleasures. Yes great sex and multiple orgasms is just a phone call away.

Do you want to get in on the secrets to bringing a woman to hot explosive multiple orgasms in bed? If so you need to learn how her body works and what it takes to turn her on. Every woman is different but most respond to being touched and kissed in such a way that their erogenous zones are stimulated. If you want to give her the hottest orgasms ever you can try these 2 easy moves that are sure to work every time even if youve a small manhood…

Increasing size is something which many men are very interested in doing if possible. Not only is it possible but there are a number of different methods available. Lets look at the top three methods to increase penis size which work on any man in terms of popularity and rank each.

Hours of time and lots of money spent on trying to increase my penis with no success. Sound familiar? No matter how hard I pumped how much I stretched with an extender or how many pills I took my penis refused to grow. I began to think I was stuck with only 4.5 inches and I was destined to always be small and embarrassed. Then I found out there was another way - the natural method - which didnt use any artificial gimmicky products. I was extremely interested so decided to give it a go.

There are a lot of hopeless guys out there thinking that penis enlargement is such an impossible thing to happen. Well you really cant blame their skepticism because of the negative things they hear about using various penis products. In fact most of these guys might have even tried some of those products as well and experienced firsthand how disappointing the results were.